Monday, March 19, 2012

3 Year Rotation Grievance Update

One of the Union Leaders of the WXR asked me this morning about the status of the 3 year rotation grievance; here's an update.

The grievance is moving forward; I'll be striking arbitrators this week with BOP Deputy LMR Chief, Chris Wade.

At the same time, the Director asked to meet with me over the 3 year rotation issue, which we did a couple of weeks ago. He wants to try to resolve the issue without going to an arbitrator.

He suggested two things he wants to do. One, he wants to send a survey out to all 17,000 Correctional Officers in the field asking them how they feel about the 3 year rotation. Two, he wants to put the issue at the front of the agenda for Partnership, and try to talk through it to some kind of mutually agreed upon agreement that will solve the problem.

I told him that the best way to do that would be, together, to define the meaning of 'expected'.

If the efforts to move forward with informal resolution fail, I'll make sure the grievance/arbitration avenue remains intact.  If need be, we'll take it to the third party.

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