Friday, April 27, 2012

Where is Mike Now? - In the Air - CA to Honolulu

I'm on my way home from Central California for a quick turn-around to go on Annual Leave to visit folks at home.

CPL Secretary/Treasurer, Roger Payne, and I spent two days providing Advanced Steward/Financial Officer Training in Merced, CA (near USP Atwater).  The training was attended by Unionists from Local 1242 (USP Atwater), Local 3584 (FCI Dublin), Local 1237 (FCI Mendota), and Local 3969 (FCC Victorville).

I had a great time conducting the training and kicking ideas around with the participants.

I'll be posting the training materials on the CPL33 Western Region Blog one segement at a time so everyone can look it over and benefit from it.

Here's the first chapter in the Advanced Steward Training:

Your Role as Steward

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