Friday, June 29, 2012

Where is Mike Now? - Joint Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regional Caucus

I've been attending the Joint Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regional Caucus this week in Virginia Beach, VA.  Those of you who attended the Western Regional Caucus two weeks ago saw that the Council (CPL33) is now using our own Board Members more often as trainers.  I've been teaching the Robert's Rules of Order/Parliamentary Procedure class and the Bargaining 101 class at most of the other regional caucuses, just as North Central RVP, Mike Rule; and South Central RVP, Clifton Buchanan, helped teach at the WXR Caucus.

The  Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) and the Southeast Region (SER) have held their caucus jointly for the last few years.  I have had the  North Central Region and the  South Central Region express an interest in possibly holding a joint caucus with the WXR in the future.

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