Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where is Mike Now? - Staff Search Policy Negotiations

I spent last week back in Washington, DC, to continue negotiations over the Staff Entrance and Search Procedures policy that the Agency is proposing.  In a previous blog entry, I went over some of the ways that the Union feels that the policy, as written, will violate the rights of employees.

One of the key staff search cases in the Bureau is the Wiley case from FCI Miami.   Derrick A. Wiley, a teacher at the FCI, was fired for "refusing to submit to a search when initially instructed.".  The case, which was lost at MSPB, was overturned in favor of Mr. Wiley by the US Circuit Court of Appeals in DC.

You can read the case here: Derrick A. WILEY, Petitioner, v. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, Respondent.

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