Sunday, September 9, 2012

By Request - Personal Weapon Arbitration Information

In a recent post on the blog, I included the following statement in a list of trespasses committed recently by the Agency:

"A memorandum on possession of personal firearms was placed on Sallyport by the Director after the Agency recently lost a major arbitration on this matter. The message was in direct confict with the arbitrator's decision."

Jason Rothwell of Local 3979, FCI Sheridan, asked if I would post a link to the arbitrator's decision for reference; here it is:

Home Duty - Weapon Arbitration

You'll see that I testified in the hearing (telephonically).  We had an SIS Tech (non-bargaining) who intentionally brought a firearm into the front lobby at FDC Honolulu and demanded access to gun-locker storage.  The Perimeter Officer refused to open the gun lockers for her, she went over his head to Ops, who agreed with Perimeter.  The Perimeter Officer put it all down in his log book.  An important part of the grievance/arbitration was that the Agency was only going after bargaining unit staff for introduction of firearms into facilities.

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  1. Yes, I remember this case. You sent it to me back in 2009 to assist Atwater with the Mike Brown case. Mike inadvertantly brought his personal, loaded-handgun into our SHU passing it the x-ray machine which was being operated by a Lt. The Captain proposed Mike be removed, the Warden decided on 30-days beach time. We used this case to show the Agency's lack of consistency in policing this issue. The arbitrator, due in part to this case, mitigated the penalty to a letter of reprimand with back pay and atty. fees. This stuff helps, thanks brother.