Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where is Mike Now - FCI Mendota and USP Atwater

Health and Safety/OWCP Rep, Joe Mansour and I are in CA this week to visit with and help some Locals.

We meet yesterday with Local President, Tracie Jones; Local Vice President, Ernie Dickins; and the administration at FCI Mendota. They have a list of issues that need to be resolved.

After that, I'll be headed to USP Atwater; they have an arbitration hearing on Wednesday, and beyond that, Don Martin, Local 1242 President, USP Atwater; Brian Estrella, the CPL Western Region Legislative Coordinator; and I will be meeting with offices of three Congressmen who's districts come together in that area; Representatives Jeff Denham (R19), Jim Costa (D20), and Dennis Cardoza (D18). Were going to be talking to them about staff safety (vests, weapon storage, and pepper spray).

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