Monday, November 12, 2012

Where is Mike Now? - Quarterly National LMR Meeting - FDC Miami, FL

The CPL Board will be conducting it's final Quarterly LMR meeting with the agency this week at FDC Miami.  The following CPL leaders will be attending the meeting:

Michael Rule, NCR RVP (Chair)
Roger Payne, CPL National Secretary/Treasurer
Dwayne Person, MAR RVP
Eric Young, SER RVP
Mike Meserve, WXR RVP
Joe Mansour, OWCP Health and Safety Representative (for Dale Deshotel)
Richard Wechsler, Local 4044 President, FCI Three Rivers, TX (for Clifton Buchanan)
Tyrone Covington, Local 3148 President, MCC New York (for Jay Rivera)
 Paul Marvin, Local 4047 President, FCI Allenwood Medium (for Phil Glover)
Joann Turner - Local 3652 President, MCC Chicago (Chair select/subject matter expert)

First, we'll be discussing the deferred agenda items from prior LMR meetings (the proceeding link is to last quarter's LMR meeting minutes); those deferred agenda items are as follows:
  • Delays in appointing Agency Representatives for arbitrations
  • Denial of Compressed Work Schedules
  • Re-entry Bargaining Unit Staff
  • Notification of Agency Representatives on national grievances
  • Last Chance Agreements
  • Medical Facilities Staffing
  • Bureau Credentials
The new agenda items that have been recently added are:

Staff Lockout
Why is the Bureau of Prisons prohibiting staff to enter the secure confines prior to the start of their assigned shifts? Why is the Bureau prohibiting staff from entering into the secure confines after the end of their assigned shift?

This practice is restricting staff from the usage of lockers provided by the agencies, as well as, resources such as computers, restrooms staff lounges etc.

Promotion criteria
What are the criteria or factors used to determine qualifications and/or illegibility for promotions within the Bureau of Prisons? Such as employees clubs, sort teams members, disturbance control members, voluntary functions, affirmative action programs etc.

What criteria is being used against employees who are applying for promotions within the Agency such as the amount of leave accumulation, to include both sick leave and annual?

Look for the minutes to the November 2012 LMR meeting to show up soon on the LMR page.

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