Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where is Mike Now? - Partnership Council Meeting - Washington DC

The entire Council of Prison Locals Executive Board is in Washington DC this week for a Partnership Council Meeting with the Agency.

The Partnership ground rules require that the BOP send a minimum number of Agency Executives to the table.  This session, they sent Dan Joslin, Assistant Director, Human Resource Management DivisionWilliam F. Dalius, Jr., Assistant Director, Administration DivisionBlake R. Davis, Assistant Director, Correctional Programs DivisionSara M. Revell, Assistant Director, Program Review DivisionRADM Newton E. Kendig, M.D, Assistant Director, Health Services DivisionMary M. Mitchell, Assistant Director, Industries, Education, and Vocational Training; and Ike Eichenlaub, Regional Director,Mid-Atlantic Region.

The first order of business for the Council to address with the Agency is sequestration and furloughs.  From what we are hearing from the Locals in the field, it's clear that there is absolute chaos out there.  There is very little or no consistency in the way this 'crisis' is being handled in the field.  Some institutions are shutting down compressed schedules while others are not; some are curtailing inmate visits, others are not; some are canceling signed departmental rosters, violating augmentation MOUs, trying to assign employees at will without following Article 18 of our contract.

Stay tuned for further updates...

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