Thursday, May 2, 2013

No More Furloughs, No More Pay Freezes

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AFGE Action Network

The Senate votes soon on another debt ceiling deal, and we must act now while they're in HI for Spring break.

Your Senators must hear from you before they head back to Washington.

Call your Senators at 1-888-775-3148 and tell them to stop the furloughs, end the pay freeze, and keep your pension out of any budget deal. 

This week, your Senators are back in HI for the Spring recess. When they return to Capitol Hill, they'll take on another budget deal. At that point, they can do good—by stopping furloughs and the Sequester—or bad—by imposing more pay freezes, pension cuts, and cuts to agencies. 

What happens next is up to you. Now is your chance to remind your Senators who they represent: YOU.

AFGE members will be meeting with their Senators all this week at district offices. We need you to back them up by ringing their phones off the hook.

Don't let them return to Washington without hearing from you – too much is at stake. It's quick and easy to make your call. Here's what to do:

1. Dial 1-888-775-3148, and follow the prompts to enter your ZIP code. Then press "1" to connect to your first Senator.

2. A staff person will answer the phone. Tell that person who you are, where you're calling from, and what agency you work for.
If your agency is being furloughed, Let them know 1. How the furloughs will impact the services you provide to the American people, 2. How it will impact your local economy, and 3. how it will impact your own livelihood. Tell them to Stop the Furloughs.
If your agency is NOT being furloughed, Let them know 1. Stop the Sequester, 2. End the Pay Freeze, and 3. Keep pension cuts out of any budget deal.

3. Since both of your Senators have a say, please call 1-888-775-3148 again to get connected to your second Senator's office. Once again enter your ZIP code, and then press "2" to be connected with your second Senator.

4. Once you've ended your calls, click here to tell us how it went!

We must stop federal workers and the middle-class from taking one economic hit after another. We've got to act now to have a shot at ending and then reversing the attack on our jobs, pay, pensions and the services we deliver.

Thank you for doing your part by making your call today.
In Solidarity,
J. David Cox, Sr.
President, AFGE

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