Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where has Mike Been and Where is Mike Now?

Last week, the entire Council of Prison Locals Executive board met together at FCC Oakdale, Louisiana.  We had a quarterly Board Meeting the day before starting a quarterly National Labor Management Relations Meeting with the Agency.  The quarterly LMR Meetings are always scheduled for two days (usually Wednesday and Thursday).  The meetings were held in the Federal Detention Center that's part of the complex at FCC Oakdale.

This week, I'm one of the instructors teaching classes at the North Central Regional Caucus in Colorado Springs, CO.  I'm going to be teaching a class on Robert's Rules of Order (Parliamentary Procedure) and another class on Delegate Credentialing/Local Elections.  I'll also be helping Dwayne Person, Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President teach a Bargaining 101 class.

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