Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where was Mike this week, and where is Mike, now?

Early this week, I visited both FCC Lompoc and FCC Victorville, in the company of OWCP rep Joe Mansour, to help staff in any way we could in the aftermath if the tragic shooting last week.

While I was at Victorville, I assisted Local President, Don Shults, with a Judge ordered EEO settlement conference. We reached a favorable settlement that the member was satisfied with.

I then went directly to Washington, DC, to join other Council leaders at the negotiations table.
The Council was in DC this week in a mediation with FMCS and the agency. The mediation was over the new Staff Search policy that the Bureau wants to implement.

We made some limited progress, with the help of Federal Meditation and Conciliation Service Commissioner, Kurt Saunders. We might return to the table in mediation and try do make more progress, or we might go to impasse.

Right now, I'm changing planes in Chicago, on my way home from DC. It's a 8-9 hour flight from O'hare to Honolulu, so I'll be our of touch for a bit.

More later...

~ Mike

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  1. This post should have gone up yesterday while I was in O'Hare airport, but it went into my 'draft' folder, that's why it was posted today.

    ~ Mike