Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Were is Mike Now - EEO Policy Negotiations

This week I'm in negotiations for EEO/Anti-Harassment/Affirmative Action/Anti-Discrimination policies.

On the Union side of the table are four CPL board members; CPL National Fair Practices Coordinator, Michael Castelle Sr.; Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President, Dwayne Person: South Central Regional Vice President, Clifton Buchanan, and me.  We also have two Regional Fair Practices Coordinators on the team; South East FPC, Jay Rivera; and North Central FPC, Sandy Parr.  Often, we have North East FPC, Dave Gonzales and South Central FPC Jerri Jones at the table too.

The Anti-Harassment Program Statement draft went out to the field for 30 day review, and so did the Discrimination and Retaliation Complaints Processing Policy draft.  We're hammering out the issues that were brought to our attention from the field input regarding these two policies.

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