Tuesday, October 23, 2012

3 Year Rotation Agreement Finalized - Posted on Sallyport

Many folks have asked me the status of the 3 Year Rotation grievance that I filed at the national level.  The  MOU to amend the Master Agreement was signed by Dale Deshotel back in July, but the agency held off on moving forward with it while they were conduction 'agency head review' on the amendment and have OGC (Office of General Council) review it's legality.

At the last session of Master agreement, the Agency gave Dale the final approved document and asked him to sign it (again).

The final agreement to amend the Master Agreement to fix the 3 year rotation issue was posted last Friday on the Sallyport (you can only access the document from a DOJ computer).

I'd be happy to email a copy of the agreement to anyone who wants it; just shoot me a message in the comments section on the blog.

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