Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where is Mike Now? - FCC Victorville and FCI Mendota

I'm in California this week headed to FCI Mendota for a local arbitration hearing; Joe Mansour and I will be the co-representatives in the arbitration.  The issue is the right of Recreation staff to bid on assignments as described in article 18 of the Master Agreement.  The administration has been 'assigning' staff to recreation posts without any regard for seniority; they claim that the Recreation roster falls under management's right to 'assign work'.  We'll be having a separate hearing in the near future over the same issue, but with Unit Management staff schedules; they are similarly being denied the right  to bid assignments.

On the way to FCI Mendota, Joe and I will be stopping to visit FCC Victorville; they've recently had several issues there, including staff assaults, health and safety concerns, and probationary removals.

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