Sunday, January 19, 2014

Where Was Mike Last Week and Where is Mike Now? - USP Atwater; FCC Victorville; and Washington, DC

I spent last week in California, visiting AFGE Local 1242 at USP Atwater and AFGE Local 3969 at FCC Victorville.  Thanks to Local 1242 President, Don Martin; and Local 3969 President, Don Shults for the grerat hospitality and a great visit.

This week, I'm traveling to Washington, DC and BOP Central Office for two reasons.  First, the CPL Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Joint Policy Committee (JPC) will be re-starting this week after a year and a haft of not coming to the table.  I was a member of the JPC starting back in early 2011.  Along with Sandy Parr, the CPL National Fair Practices Coordinator, I'm going to be meeting with Agency officials to get the ball rolling after the long hiatus.  We will also be meeting with the Equal Employment Opportinity Commission's Office of Federal Operations this week to talk about some BOP related issues.

I'll also be at the table with the Trust Fund Joint Policy Committee, as we continue to negotiate the Trust Fund/Deposit Fund Manual (Program Statement P45000.09).

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