Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where is Mike Now? - Freedom, NH, Heading to FCC Butner, NC

Yesterday, we celebrated my Mom's life at her memorial service.  Nearly 300 people attended, with standing room only and people spilling out of the church doors onto the front steps.

It was a great service.  The choir director had an empty chair in the loft with my Mom's robe and sash draped over the back (my Mom was a member of the church choir for many years).  Lots of folks, including me, got up to give testimony to how much we had been inspired by and blessed by my Mom's life.  In accordance with her wishes, there was lots of music and plenty of food at the service and reception.

The church was decorated with several beautiful flower arrangements, one from the Council of Prison Locals (CPL33) and one from AFGE District 12.  Some of the flowers came to the service anonymously, and I'm sure that they were from Union friends and Locals.  The flowers graced the alter of the regular church service today, and were announced to be in memory of Linda Meserve

I'm spending the weekend with my Dad and sister, then heading to FCC Butner for National Policy Negotiations for Staff Search Policy; I have written about the ongoing staff search policy negotiations in blog entries in July, June, and March (click on any of the months to read that specific blog post).

This week I'm also working on discovery in an EEO case I'm representing from USP Atwater, and the post-hearing brief for the recent arbitration hearing we held at FCI Phoenix.

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